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Information Bulletin 2022-23

About Department of Foreign Language


The department of Russian Language is the one of the pioneering Departments in the A. P. S. University, Rewa and its excellent translation work is recognized by the U.G.C. New Delhi. The department laid the foundation stone of University teaching programs in the year 1976 with the certificate course, gradually started besides the elementary courses, undergraduate and postgraduate courses leading to M.A. degree in Russian Language and a two years P.G. Diploma in Russian- Functional Hindi Translation.

Special Recognition from U.G.C.

The University Grants Commission has recognized the translation work done by the department and has selected this Department to establish translation cell by giving the permission to start P.G. Diploma in Russian to Functional Hindi. For this purpose U.G.C. has provided the teaching posts-one Professor and one Reader, Rs. 40,000/- for the Visiting Faculty and Rs. 75,000/- for the Books. Thus a nucleus for the translation work has been established.

Existing Faculty Strength

Dr. A. Rajeshwar Raju Lecturer (M.A.,Ph.D)

Visiting Faculty during last Five Years

Eminent Professors of Russian Language, Literature and Culture Visited the Department and delivered lectures. Notable are -

  • Prof. G. Mukerjee, Delhi University
  • Prof. J.P. Dimri, C.I.E.F.L., Hyderabad
  • Prof. Y.C. Bhatnagar, J.N.U., New Delhi
  • Prof. V.N. Wagner, Moscow
  • Dr. S. Kamenov Embssy of Russian Federation
  • Dr. Sabra Habib, Lucknow University
  • Dr. L. Suprunova Russian Cultural Centre, New Delhi.


The teaching in the Department is carried out through the modern methods and techniques with the help of Audio-Visual aids and Lingo - Cultural methods.

Language Laboratory

The department is having audio-visual aid such as Epidiascope, Projector, Tape Recorders etc. With the help of these equipments a base of language Laboratory has been established.

Departmental Library

The department is having its own library with 1000 volumes and educational charts.

Participation in Seminars

The teachers and the students have been participating in National and International Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Symposia in and outside India.

Students Sponsored for Study in USSR (Now Russia)

A few students have gone to USSR for higher studies through the department in last years.

Seminars and Lectures

The Department has been organizing, from time to time, seminars and lectures etc. Notable among them are : National Seminar on Pushkin in 1989 and National seminar on Nehru and Indo-Soviet Relations. Among the celebrities (who delivered lectures in the department) special mention may be made of Anwer Azimov, Dr. Sabra Habib, Dr. D.B. Dhawan, Dr. Deshpande, Prof. J.P. Dimiri, Prof. G. Mukerjee, Dr. S. Kamenov, Prof. V.G. Budai, Dr. Ludmila Evanova, Dr. Bhishma Sahni, Prof. Donka Alexandrova.

Publication of the Research Journal

The Department has published Research Journal of 200 pages with 39 articles.

Future Plan

The translation plays an important role in present era.
Translation from one language to another is the only effective tool to break the strong barrier that comes in the way of exchanging news and views amongst sets of different language speaking people in the world. With the amazing development of the telecommunication system and the spectacular explosion of the information specially in the ever-growing scientific technological fields and in trade and commerce translation activities have become something which we cannot afford to ignore. Although we are living in a small world in view of the little time taken reach the other end yet we are wide apart from each other in respect of intelligible communication because of the language barrier. Such being the situation the usefulness of translation cannot be over emphasized. Also in our country the scholar are fairly well exposed to research sources and test-book literature being created through the medium of English language in various countries. But the enormous amount of scholarly literature being produced in Russian remain inaccessible to four researchers due to language barrier. Consequently our scholars are not able to draw benefit from the valuable research work being carried out through the medium of Russian. With the Indian Govt. announcement of its liberalized economic policy the importance of translation work has increased. Russian and Indian companies are in need to translation work. We are convinced that our department can up to some extent solve the problem by strengthening our translation activities with the following dimensions and thrust areas of its activities.

1. Collection of Original Documents and Source Materials

The department will undertake on regular basis the task of collecting original documents,
Research sources books and other text (in manuscripts, published or unpublished) on disciplines related with Russian studies. This would become a paramount department of reference and a source of learning and research leading to the creation of indigenous Indian scholarship.

2. Conducting Research Studies and their Publication

The department will undertake the translation of the important literary original works
particularly the current and latest work being published in Russian available to Indian readership and scholarship earliest of all. The department will also carry out translation of the important theoretical literature (both individual papers and monographs) on the disciplines of humanities social science and pure science from Russian with a view to vitally important sources accessible to out scholars and researchers. These translation will be published and circulated by the department under the rules and guidelines to be approved by the University.

3. Publication of a regular Research Journal Collection of papers and Information Bulletin

The department will also publish its research journal on regular basis. This journal will carry research papers, book reviews and articles contributed by the faculty members, research scholars, students of other sister institutions and individual Indian and foreign scholars.

4. Translation as research generation preposition

There is an ever growing emphasis on raising on one’s resources. There is no doubt that the department can explore the possibility. This department will work as service point for commercial organizations like industrial houses, govt. and semi govt. agencies and cooperate sector which may like to have access to Russian language documents translated against a fee to be approved by the University. If we offer translation services the Indian organization will not be dependent on their Russian counterparts for translation and at the same time they will save time and stop outflow of foreign exchange. The fund so collected will be used for the development activities for University and the department. However by carrying out these activities no compromise will be made on the autonomy or rules and regulations of the University.